QuickWallpaper 2.02 Retail MacOSX

QuickWallpaper 2.02 Retail | MacOSX | 1.28 MB

quickWallpaper is a very easy to use application that allows you to change your desktop background through one simple click. quickWallpaper can also allow you to quickly switch between 16 different desktops spaces and set desktop wallpaper for them seperately. quickWallpaper will brighten up your mac, and makes changing your desktop picture an absolute delight. Let the wallpaper match your mood!
Big Aperture v1.0 (MacOSX)
Big Aperture v1.0 (MacOSX)
Big Aperture gives your images the DSLR-Level Depth Of Field effect and other visual aspects normally seen with only professional grade big sensor cameras. Magically unleash your creative inspiration, while using tools for making great images with a mix of clear focus and selective blurring as well as awesome post-processing FX effects.
Big Aperture v1.0 MacOSX Cracked-CORE
Breathing Zone 1.7.2 (Mac)
Breathing Zone 1.7.2 (Mac) | 24.23 MB

Breathing Zone is an easy way to relax by following a simple guided breathing exercise. In just 5 minutes you can start to enjoy the health benefits of slower therapeutic breathing.

iStudiez Pro 1.0.7 (Mac)
iStudiez Pro 1.0.7 (Mac) | 5.49MB

A students life is a dizzying mix of activity and just plain craziness! Take charge of your schedule and put iStudiez Pro to work for you! Take advantage of iStudiez Pro easy navigation and never miss another course, lecture and lab, track tasks and deadlines, plan homework, arrange assignments and much more!

White Noise 5.1.1 (Mac)
White Noise 5.1.1 (Mac) | 14.37 MB

White Noise provides ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax or sleep. Are you in a hotel and miss the familiar sound of your fan or air conditioner Flying on a plane and just want to nap Includes high quality looping noises such as ocean waves crashing, hard rain pouring, and flowing stream water.

DVDxDV Pro 3.4.1 (Mac)
DVDxDV Pro 3.4.1 (Mac) | 4.47 MB

DVDxDV Pro is designed to restore the audio and video from DVDs to any other Quicktime supported format. If youve ever wanted to re-edit the video, send a clip of it over the internet, or play it back on your iPad, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch DVDxDV makes this process easy.

JS8 Media ImageLobe 4.6 MacOSX

JS8 Media ImageLobe 4.6 | MacOSX | 1.61 MB

ImageLobe allows you to very easily apply complex effects to your image files. Simply drag an image onto the ImageLobe window and select the effect you wish to apply. Over 40 image effect types are available, many of them highly configurable. Then drag the image back out to save it. It"s as simple as that. Try it out. All the features of ImageLobe can be tried in demo mode. Purchasing a license for $20 will allow you to use the application with large image files.
Gitbox v1.5.2 (MacOSX)
Gitbox v1.5.2 (MacOSX)
Gitbox is a simple yet powerful Git repository manager.
Beyond one-click commit, push, pull and rebase, it gives you
unique features like search in history and undo for Git commands.
Gitbox v1.5.2 MacOSX Incl Keymaker- CORE