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Hamburg Audio NUKLEAR v1.1.0 AU VST2 VST3 Mac OSX
Hamburg-Audio NUKLEAR v1.1.0 AU VST2 VST3 Mac OSX | 23MB

NUKLEAR is a polyphonic pulsar train synthesizer with step-sequencer and effect section, as well as advanced LFO and envelope routing capabilities.
At the core of NUKLEAR are 4 pulsar train generators comparable to oscillators known from classic analog synthesizers. However, pulsar synthesis differs from classic synthesis techniques in many respects.

FileMaker Server Advanced (MacOSX)
FileMaker Server Advanced (MacOSX)
FileMaker Server... Get reliable, high-performance access to your critical data. Securely host groups of FileMaker Pro users over a network or on the web by adding FileMaker Server 11 (separate purchase of FileMaker Pro required). It"s fast, reliable, easy-to-manage server software for managing your FileMaker Pro databases.
FileMaker Server Advanced (Mac Intel) + Serial
Jutoh 1.43 MacOSX


Anthemion Jutoh 1.43 MacOSX Incl. Keymaker-CORE | 27 MB

Jutoh makes it easy to create ebooks in popular formats that you can sell on many ebook sites, including Amazon"s Kindle and Apple"s iBooks.
Create your project in seconds from existing files using the New Project Wizard; or create your book from scratch using the built-in styled text editor.

FX Foto Pro 1.0.7 MacOSX


FX Foto Pro 1.0.7 MacOSX Cracked-CORE | 235.36 MB

FX Foto Pro, the photo effect and editing software for photography enthusiasts of all skill levels, makes the full potential of your photos blossom with the greatest of ease!

TravelGuide 1.2 MacOSX


TravelGuide 1.2 MacOSX Cracked-CORE | 84.54 MB

Travel Guide has information on travelling the whole world. From Congo to Canada, from Spain to Space, it"s all here. Bring the complete WikiTravel guide with you to read anywhere and everywhere with TravelGuide, and you"ll be ready to explore anywhere and everywhere.

Agile Web Solutions 1Password v3.8.13 for MAC OSX
1Password v3.8.13 | MAC OSX | 17 Mb

1Password is a password manager that uniquely brings you both security and convenience. It is the only program that provides anti-phishing protection and goes beyond password management by adding web form filling and automatic strong password generation. Your confidential information, including passwords, identities, and credit cards, is kept secure using strong encryption.

GeekBench 2.2.3 (Mac App Store)
GeekBench 2.2.3 (Mac App Store)
Geekbench measures your computer"s processor and memory performance.
Geekbench provides a comprehensive set of tests engineered to quickly and accurately measure processor and memory performance. Designed to make benchmarks easy to run and easy to understand, Geekbench takes the guesswork out of producing robust and reliable benchmark results.
GeekBench 2.2.3 [Intel 32/64 bit, PPC 32/64 bit]. This version is 100% k"d, including all the architecture command line tool variants.
Macroplant Phone to Mac v4.3.3.4 Mac OS X
Macroplant Phone to Mac v4.3.3.4 | Mac OS X | 10.1 Mb

Phone to Mac lets you easily copy, transfer or rip the music, videos and playlists from any iPod, iPhone, iPad directly into iTunes on any Mac. By decoding the iOS binary database, Phone to Mac rapidly reveals the contents of your device and then lets you choose what to do with the tracks. Play counts, ratings and the other track details are all recovered for every song transferred. The program"s features also include audio and video track previews, sortable columns and more!

Chronos SOHO Notes 9.2.2 MacOSX

Chronos SOHO Notes 9.2.2 | MacOSX | 24.6 MB

SOHO Notes is the premier digital note-taking application for your Mac. Use it to capture, organize, sync, and share all of your stuff including text notes, PDF"s, images, voice recordings, videos, forms, and web archives.